Our Team

Allure Apps, LLC is the brainchild of a pair of driven and ambitious business minds who realized the need to make smartphone applications more affordable and accessible for all businesses and creative individuals, ranging from musicians to restaurants to professionals in literally any industry.

Giving You Something More in the World of Apps

Mobile app developers who have a reasonable and easy to understand pricing structure can be very difficult to find, but Allure Apps has changed all of that. A typical mobile developer will create smartphone applications for your business, but at a hefty cost. Further, these developers will usually leave it up to you, as the brand owner to design the look, host it, update it and promote your app.

We realized that there had to be a better way. The fact of the matter is that the majority of businesses don’t want to spend upwards of $15-30k for their own branding application. Yet before Allure Apps, this was exactly the situation small businesses and entrepreneurs faced when contemplating the creation of a highly functional custom app.

Graphic Designers Who Can Bring You the Rich Look You Desire

Allure Apps has put together an extremely talented team of graphic designers who can design the look of the smartphone applications to fit both your specific needs. At the same time, we make sure your app remains visually appealing for your end users. We believe that it is the job of mobile app developers to ensure that an app looks great, is easy to use and rich in functionality.

The Experience of Allure Apps’ Mobile Development Team

Experience matters and our mobile app developer team have the kind of experience you need when choosing a mobile developer. Allure Apps’ mobile development team has years of hands on and proven programing. This experience is supplemented by a constantly evolving knowledge regarding changing coding, platforms and trending in the technical industry.

Dedication at Every Level

There is no replacement for experience and the same holds true for dedication. A mobile developer must be dedicated, determined and disciplined in order to create today’s most effective applications. Applications that have high levels of functionality require a strong work ethic-one that is geared towards achieving consistent results.

If It Is Possible-We’ll Do It!

We combine experience, knowledge and a fierce dedication to clients with the right attitude. Our philosophy is that if it has been done (or is on the horizon of what is possible), we’ll find a way to do it in order to help our clients achieve their vision.

Allure Apps-Opening Up New Options for Our Clients

Through Allure Apps, small businesses and entrepreneurs now have access to a mobile developer that knows how to achieve results. There are plenty of mobile app developers out there, but thanks to a unique blending of expertise, knowledge and price point, Allure Apps has emerged as the clear choice.

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