How long will it take to Build?

We typically ask for 30-120 days to from the day you sign the contract to the day your app is live. We give ourselves this grace-period because the submission and time of approval is out of our hands and in Apple, Android, or Window’s hands for approval.

What is the fee to get my app in Google Android?

Allure apps handles all fees associated with submitting and launching your Mobile Application on any major platform marketplace such as Apple, Android, and Windows.

Who can benefit from a Mobile App?

Basically anybody could benefit. Whether you are a “Mom & Pop” shop, large corporation, lawyer, attorney, musician, band, restaurant, food truck or just anybody that wants to take their brand to the next level of marketing.

Do you submit my app to Apple, Android and/or Windows?

Yes, we submit your finished app to Apple, Android and Windows Marketplace. This is included in all standard plans.

What is the fee to get my app in Apple’s iTunes?

Allure apps handles all fees associated with submitting and launching your Mobile Application on any major platform marketplace such as Apple, Android, and Windows.

What is included in the monthly maintenance plan?

It includes unlimited mobile app use, hosting, software support and updates for the life of the App.

What if I missed a payment?

Allure Apps provides a 15-day grace period to clients before reaching out to you in regards to the payment due.

Is there a contract?

Yes. Since we are making Mobile App Development affordable, we sign a 2-year (24 month) contract which covers everything from design, development, deploy, technical assistance and updating for the life of the App.

What is a Design Cost?

This is a one-time/up-front charge to develop and create a custom User Interface (UI) design for your mobile application. This includes consultation, graphic design, creation, edits, content, etc. all based on your approval every step of the way.

How long will it take to get my App quote?

We are always able to access our emails and give quotes, typically no longer than a couple hours at most. You can also contact us directly 888.406.2182 to receive a instant quote

Can I upgrade features anytime?

Yes. We are always available to assist you in this process.

Why do I need a Mobile App?

Most businesses are realizing the importance and effectiveness of a Mobile App for Marketing/Branding purposes. You may know that there is an increasing numbers of smartphones sold (more than laptops) and all companies large and small are thinking of adding a Mobile App as part of their marketing and branding tools.

How can a Mobile App increase business for me?

Increase revenue by making it easier for your customers to reach you. You are able to reach all customers of specials, events, coupons and updates all at the push of one button (Push Notifications). Increase customer satisfaction. Engage all customers with your social media directly via the Mobile App. Increase brand loyalty.

How do I protect my idea or concept?

Allure Apps,LLC respects the value and privacy of your intellectual property. We are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at your request.

How do I review the developed application before it is released at the Apple App Store?

During the design phase, you get to approve each screen of your app before it is developed. Throughout the development process you will be updated on any necessary updates and will always have the opportunity for your input.

I have very little Technical knowledge, how much do I need to know to have my App?

You are not required to know any technical aspects of the Mobile App Development process as Allure Apps, LLC will handle all the technical end for you. You can think of us as your own personal technical support team ready to serve you with any question or concern you may have during the process.

How much input do I have on the Graphical input and appearance of my App?

You are given all the input you would like, we run every design concept, renders, and final graphics by you before moving forward every step of the way. This is all part of our Custom Mobile Application Development Process.

How much maintenance is required once my App is live?

Every update or change by Apple, Android or Windows will require maintenance. Allure Apps, LLC will handle all maintenance, updates and hosting/service that is required for your Custom Mobile App.

Will I be able to track the number of Downloads once my App is live?

Yes, our monthly analytic reports will indicate all user downloads and other important details that are associated with your Custom Mobile App.

How is my application submitted to the Apple App Store?

Allure Apps, LLC will handle all the necessary steps for submitting your app to the App Marketplace. We regularly review and discuss these processes with you as each step is completed. On completion of the process, and with your final approval, your app will be submitted to the App Marketplace.

What services does Allure Apps provide, once an app is released?

At Allure Apps, LLC, we know our job is not finished upon the successful delivery of your app. Once your app is on the market, you may realize the need for changes, or have new ideas for improving your product. We work closely with you to make these changes and improvements. This is all a part of the service we provide for the term of the contract.

How do I begin working with Allure Apps?

You can contact our Solutions Specialists at the numbers listed below or simply submit the Contact form:
t: 888.406.2182

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