Why Choose Windows?

Windows Apps for your business is an excellent approach to engage more fans and clients and build Brand loyalty with the sheer facts of compatibility and convenience; after all smartphones and tablets sales were 50+ million units more than Desktops and PC’s in 2011, 165+ million last year and on pace to be over 200+ million more sales than the conventional Desktops and PC’s in 2013. Being Mobile and in your client’s pocket is the best way to building Brand Loyalty.

Smartphone sales have increased 46.5% per year since 2011. Sales of Apple, Android and the newest but most rapidly increasing market Windows roughly make up the entire App market. With over 160,000 Windows Apps already in the market since their launch, they are accumulating over 200,000 App downloads per month and are in pace to split the market with the other competitors. If you are a business of the future, this is the App stock for you to ride as it is destined to be the leader at this pace. Microsoft has been around for a long time and I assume they will remain as one of the innovators of the IT world for decades to come.

There are many Benefits to why your business should be Mobile with an App, as most of your targeted audience 1.1 Billions people are already on smartphones and tablets.

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