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The questions shouldn’t be, “does my business need an app?” but “what data do I want to display, transform and/or collect through a mobile device?” (Forbes, 2013)

The following are reasons why every Business should have a Mobile App.

  1. Brand Loyalty: Every business owner wants more or better brand loyalty. Mobile Apps allow you to stay in one-on-one intimate contact with your customer base. Apps keep your customers engaged and informed about your business activities, events and specials, which are all key components to building brand loyalty. By enhancing your brand with an iPhone application, you differentiate yourself from your competitors while offering another outlet to communicate with your customers.
  2. Extra Revenue: A typical person spends about 4+ hours per day using a smartphone and only about 1 hour per day using a personal computer. Therefore users will spend more time using your mobile app than your website. Evolution: It is important to continue evolving your business with the current trends and be prepared to adapt to the next thing. Adding mobile marketing to your marketing strategy is very cost-effective for small businesses and reaches out to a target market that you could be missing out on.
  3. Extra Revenue Stream: Through your mobile app you may reach an audience that you normally wouldn’t reach through other means of marketing. Not to mention with the mobile craze, people are searching and looking for the easiest and fastest way to get the information, products and services they want. By 2012 more people will be accessing websites from smartphones and tablets than PCs and notebooks combined. If you looked at any website from a smartphone browser you know how bad it looks. With a mobile app you can give your customers a great mobile experience and do more business.
  4. App Feature that websites can NOT do:
    • Give users GPS directions to your location(s)
    • Send you app user coordinates (for delivery, taking a cab, etc)
    • Take a picture/scan and send it
    • Scan QR codes and take action (offer a coupon, open website, call, download a program)
    • One-touch call/email
    • Apps are always accessible to customers, even if there is no Internet connection available. Websites are not.
    • Push notifications: Allow you to reach consumers anytime and anywhere. You can send messages about upcoming events, special deals, or updates about what’s going on with your company.
  5. Customers always have their phone: This one probably is not hard for you to see, you yourself probably do this, look around people are always immersed in their smartphones. This characteristic of the phone and the craze means that people can search, buy, browse or share at anytime of the day or night, with your app you know that you can always be available to them.
  6. Staying ahead of Competition: While you may or may not see your competitors with an app at this time, you certainly will. Whenever an innovation disrupts the way an industry functions, the majority of the established businesses are either unable or too slow in adapting to the new standard. This creates the opportunity to move faster and stay ahead of the competition. Being one of the few with an app for your business will allow you to engage with customers, build brand loyalty and be on the forefront of the technology.
  7. More Search Visibility: Apps will help your business be found on Apple and Google App stores get millions of searches per day. When someone is searching for your type of business, your app will show up.
  8. Integration: You can design the app for your business so it integrates your blog and social media sites. These sites can be accessed through your app in two touches.
  9. Entertainment/engagement: Applications are the fun part about smart phones that have the ability to engage and entertain consumers. When waiting for an appointment, passing time in between class, or just curing boredom, smart phone users are always looking for new apps to check out.
  10. Apps are like digital business cards. They are saved on customer phones like business cards are saved in wallets. Always available.


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