U-Aide App Kickstarter Campaign Off To A Great Start!

Nearly everyone has been in a situation where they felt in danger or they have known someone else who has. Feeling alone and unsafe is never good, but thankfully we can now rely on technology to help improve your safety. Developed with these dangerous situations in mind, the U-Aide App gives you a lifeline when you need it most. The application is linked directly to your phone and makes getting help faster and easier than ever.

Aiming for delivery in July of 2015, the developers of U-Aide App launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the critical support to launch the much-needed project. When the project goes live, the application will turn your smartphone into a helpline, and the app can be downloaded completely free of charge. Most people carry their smartphones with them everywhere, but often aren’t in a position to make a call for help or even send an emergency text in a crisis situation. Simply hitting the volume button a few times emits a “cry for help” to the authorities, the U-AIDE App community, and your emergency contacts.

The application will provide valuable help to people everywhere who want to be able to have an emergency phone call right in their pocket. In a situation where you feel unsafe but can’t use traditional means to call for help, you can be reaching out to an entire community without the other people around you even being aware that you’re doing it. The siren will be sent to your emergency contacts as well as the local authorities and other U-AIDE App users in the area. This dramatically increases the chances that you can get help from somebody quickly where it wouldn’t have been possible before.

To make this application entirely free and accessible for everyone, the developers are relying on their Kickstarter campaign which has already received pledges from 41 backers. It’s a great opportunity to give back to a quality application that could influence people positively for years to come.

You’ve either felt that uncomfortable feeling of hair on the back of your next standing up or you’ve heard a harrowing story from a friend or family member who nearly survived an attack. Dangerous situations can occur anywhere, and you can go from feeling safe to uneasy very quickly. That’s where you can rest easy with U-AIDE App installed on the phone in your pocket or purse.

Kickstarter Help

If you’re sold on the idea already and want to chip it to watch it become a reality, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign so you can learn more about the specific features inside the application. Invite your friends and family to help support this amazing program that will be so beneficial to people all over!

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