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Allure Apps is a leader in making Businesses & Brands MOBILE, with Apps. We have come up with a solution to help limit the cost of Mobile App Development across all major platforms (Apple, Android, and Windows). With Apps starting at just $99 A MONTH

The world has gone mobile isn’t it about time for your business to do the same?

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The concept and Design are the foundation of what we do here at Allure Apps, and this stage of the process is essential for effective mobile development and app development.  We begin by having the Allure Apps creative graphic design team determine a custom concept and layout that will cater to you and your industry.  Strategically chosen Mobile Application features and components accessible to our clients to generate maximum results and satisfaction. Mock-ups will be provided so that you can choose and approve the theme, design, and features before the development phase.

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The professionals at Allure Apps will develop custom tablet or phone apps with all the necessary features to help your business grow.  Upon your approval of the design, the Allure Apps tech team will develop, test, submit to marketplace (Apple, Android, and Windows), host, and launch final Mobile Application for your brand and business.  Our goal is to ensure that your end results will increase user interactions with your brand and business.

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Allure Apps wants you to get the most out of your tablet and phone apps.  In an ever-changing technological world of software updates, we will provide the continuous updates and technical support required for the life of your Mobile Applications.


About Us

About Allure Apps

Allure Apps is a Los Angeles based Mobile Application Development Company specifically created to address all of your mobile software needs. Thanks to our many years of technology and business expertise, Allure Apps is able to make it both easy and affordable for any business or professional to create exciting, dynamic and highly functional apps. In this way, we can help you better brand and market all of your ideas.

Our mission is nothing short of making the app development process easy and user friendly. Our services are designed to help everyone from companies and businesses to artists or any brand move forward with all of their app needs. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to create an exciting app of your own, we’re here to help. Allure Apps is a service that can handle each and every aspect of mobile application development from A to Z.

We constantly hear the following question, “How do you build an app?” Regardless of the industry, our goal was to answer this fundamental questions with just two words, “Allure Apps.”

Gathering various professional who have experience in mobile development to create custom tablet and phone apps for your business or brand used to be an expensive and excruciating process!  Now thanks to Allure Apps, the entire process has become simplified and streamlined.

On our How It Works page, we have broken everything down into three simple steps, which summarize what our team does, how we do it, and what you can expect from us.  We take pride in being user friendly and an extension of your company.  Our goal is to effectively handle all of your mobile development and application needs.

We understand the unique challenges of app development that a typical professional faces.  As a result, Allure Apps has simplified mobile development by handling all aspects of building and maintaining amazing apps. We treat every aspect of app development with great care including: concept development, selecting productive features for your industry, creating a custom design, programming and coding, testing, submitting to the marketplace, setting up & hosting and launching your app.  We even update your tablet or phone apps when necessary.  While producing either tablet or phone apps that will cater specifically to your industry, our app development team will work diligently to make sure your needs and unique requirements are met.

Why Choose Apps?

Tablet and phone apps are becoming more and more common in most industries for the purposes of branding and marketing. An app is an ideal way to connect with clients and fans! After all, having an established space on your users and/or fan’s smartphone desktop provides constant brand recognition and, therefore, offers tremendous value for companies.

Users are more likely to use your product or service, or simply become a bigger fan if they are constantly reminded of you, your goods or services. As people become more and more attached to their mobile devices, these forms of marketing will become more of the standard. We see this as similar to how websites swept the nation in the 1990’s. Allure Apps is here to help you every step of the way.


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